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  • Digital Distribution

    dBookz cater to comfort independent authors, and publishers by…

    - Creating / managing their eBooks

    - Distributing the eBooks worldwide to hundreds of retails & digital libraries

    Key benefits

    • Zero Commission
    • Candid pricing model and no commission
    • Widespread distribution networks
    • Online sales with royalty reports
    • Supple royalty payment options
    • No charges for metadata and pricing fluctuations
  • dbookz Reader

    An unique / uniform, inspired reading experience for PDFs, ePub (FFO, FLO), HTML5 files compatible to Web, iOS, Android, Windows & Mac.

    Key features

    • Unique & uniform user experience across various devices and platforms
    • Supporting LTR, RTL, TTB and Indian languages
    • Add notes anywhere within the book
    • Synchronization with Cloud
  • Book-2-eBook

    Using our hands-on expertise we have developed our own in-house workflows, which enable us to easily and efficiently replicate the original data or documents to an e-Book. We create electronic books from author disks or converting from existing platforms to the industry standard eBook formats.

    eBook Covers
    We design elegant covers to your eBook with (y)our !deas.

    Key features

    • Multimedia: Integration of audio and video; animations; slide shows
    • Complex and fixed layouts: print-replica layouts, structured and hyperlinked indexes, embedded fonts, support for high-design content like Medical books
    • Non-Roman scripts: font support, vertical layouts, right-to-left text and page progression